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    05.21.18 @ 07:22 AM
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    Default Eddie Van Halen Updates Official Merchandise Website, Adds Q&A Feature

    All has been quiet in Van Halen land recently, but here a little news that might perk up fans of the band’s resident guitar genius, Eddie Van Halen. The 59-year-old rocker’s merchandise website recently was redesigned and now boasts a number of cool new features.

    Among the updates to the site is a new section called “Ask Eddie” where fans can submit questions about the guitar whiz’s equipment, career and just about any other topic. Van Halen occasionally handpicks a question to answer and his response is then posted on the site’s “News” page.

    Other new features include an updated timeline, new photo galleries, some added free wallpaper designs for use on your computer desktop and a media page that links to various online interviews with and articles about Eddie., of course, continues to feature the latest details about Eddie’s EVH line of guitars, amps and accessories, as well as information about the many artists who use and endorse the gear. There’s also a link to the EVH store, where fans can buy various official footwear, clothing and collectibles.

    Van Halen’s most recent performance took place last July 24 in Paso Robles, California. While some media reports suggest the band may be working on a new album, no official announcements have been made regarding their upcoming plans.

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    05.19.18 @ 06:51 AM
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    The "Ask Eddie" thing has been around several months now. I think he's answered 3-4 questions so far...

    I sent them one inquiring if a stainless steel, copper or cast iron pot was optimum for boiling guitar strings... I don't think he wants to spill the beans on that secret!!
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    05.19.18 @ 03:44 AM
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    I was last at that site a month ago and nothing looks new or updated.

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    05.21.18 @ 02:52 AM
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    I have just perused this site for the first time.

    I was hoping there would be some classic pics for wallpaper.


    What is 2004 Eddie doing up there? I would have thought, even those close to him would want to forget about that time.



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