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    Default Dinesh DíSouza Indicted for Campaign Finance Fraud

    Dinesh DíSouza Indicted for Campaign Finance Fraud

    Dinesh DíSouza, the conservative commentator perhaps best known for directing the ant-Obama documentary 2016: Obamaís America, was indicted on federal charges of violating campaign finance laws according to the U.S. attorney in Manhattan.

    According to the indictment, DíSouza is being charged with ďviolating the federal campaign finance laws by making illegal contributions to a United States Senate campaign in the names of others and causing false statements to be made to the Federal Election Commission in connection with those contributions.Ē DíSouza is expected to appear in the Manhattan federal court tomorrow for an arraignment.

    In 2012, DíSouza was forced to step down as dean of the Christian Kingís College amid allegations that he had an affair with a younger woman while married.

    Read the full indictment below, via Politicker:

    D'Souza, Dinesh Indictment:

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    How embarrassing.


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