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    11.13.14 @ 06:00 PM
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    Default Question about setting up my new pedal board!

    Hi everyone! I just bought a bunch of new gear. I bought a Fender Wolfgang Special guitar (black…AWESOME!) a 5150 III Combo amp and then went nuts with pedals.

    I bought a Pedaltrain Pro board and the Pedaltrain 1250 Power Supply.

    Now my pedals:
    EVH Wah, EVH Flanger, EVH Phase 90 (all of these are the just released 35th anniversary editions. Kind of lame because they're more expensive but just hand painted and a little more heavy duty steel. They do weigh a lot more than the originals) I also have an Ibanez Tube Screamer, MXR Analog Chorus and an Eventide Timefactor, Eventide PitchFactor and Eventide Space (holy cow those were expensive pedals!)

    In what order would you set these up?

    Any suggestions? Also, what else, pedal wise, would you suggest? Maybe a compressor? Noise Gate? I'm not new to guitars and playing but I am new to the world of multiple pedals. I just got back into playing a couple of years ago after stopping for years.

    Anyways, thanks in advance for any insight/input/suggestions!

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    10.29.15 @ 03:06 PM
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    If it was me, I'd have guitar into wah, then flanger, phaser, chorus then tube screamer. Not sure about the eventide stuff- I'd use an attenuater AFTER the power tube section and run that into any detune and delay effects- then another power amp and speakers.
    Does the combo have an effects loop? If so, I'd run a noise gate of some sort there.
    I'd also have all the pedals that were running into the front of the amp controlled by a loop pedal.
    That;s just me though!
    I used to be 'sean112' but lost all my details!

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    02.28.18 @ 02:32 PM
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    Personally I would have it guitar into wah, phaser, tube screamer, then delay pedals...all the flanger, chorus, modulation gear I would stick in the FX Loop...

    As far as additional pedals go, I think the ZW OD is awesome because its a hybrid of a tube screamer and a Boss OD, an older Boss Noise Gate would be nice, then maybe a Rotovibe...

    I love pedals, partial to Dunlop too have fun!!!
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    12.17.15 @ 07:04 AM
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    I'd go wah, flange, phase, TS to the input of the amp, then the chorus, pitch, time, space in the loop. With the 5150iii I really don't think the tubescreamer will be of any use, gain overload. The analog chorus and pitchfactor is kind of redundant if you're gonna use the detune setting but it's up to you. I've never felt the need to play through a compressor and from what I remember when I had the 5150iii , it wasn't that noisy.



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