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    05.19.18 @ 08:14 AM
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    Default Australian science experiment that has been going on since 1927

    and you can be a part of it. sort of

    the purpose of the experiment ( and I think of it more as a demonstration than and experiment) is to show that some materials (like pitch) that people think of as solids are actually high viscosity fliuds

    so they put a gob of this in a funnel and cut the tip of the funnel off and waited for a drop to form...and since 1927 8 drops have formed and plopped

    but no one has ever seen it happen!

    So in the age of the internet they have set up a web camera for observers and if you are logged in when it drops YOU GET YOUR NAME LISTED ON THE WEBSITE

    better hurry cause this thing drops about every 8 years and it's behind schedule...and you certainly don't want to miss out

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    05.21.18 @ 01:23 PM
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    This is cool. It reminds me of the old glass formulas that were used hundreds of years ago. It was really just slow moving liquid, and apparently some really old windows actually show "drops" of glass streaking down.
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