Next to a smoke shop deep in the San Fernando Valley, employees at Able Family Support pull back the metal gates and open the doors to catch an unfettered flow of government money.

The clinic, reimbursed by taxpayers for each client it sees, offers in-person drug and alcohol counseling.

And Able Family is thriving, according to its billing records. In real life, on this hazy Southern California day, business moves at a slower pace.

No more than 30 people trickle into the rehab center until the doors are locked 10 hours later. Unbeknownst to clinic staff, reporters were stationed in parked cars counting the people who came and went on April 4.

The counting resumed a month later when the clinic submitted its bill to Los Angeles County seeking reimbursement -- not for 30 people, but for 179. The government promptly paid it -- $6,400 for clients Able Family reported it saw April 4.