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    05.25.18 @ 08:36 PM
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    Default Ok... This is screwed up.

    ‘Rapists’ lucky to get white woman

    Pretoria - One of the men accused of gang raping Ina Bonnette said he was told they were “lucky to get the chance to sleep with a white woman”, the High Court in Pretoria heard on Thursday.

    Sello Mphaka testified he initially refused to co-operate when he was told he had to have sex with Bonnette, the wife of Modimolle businessman Johan Kotze.

    Kotze, Mphaka, Andries Sithole, and Pieta Mohlake are alleged to have kidnapped, raped, and attempted to murder Bonnette in Kotze's rented Modimolle house on January 3, 2012. They are also accused of murdering her 19-year-old son Conrad.

    The four have pleaded not guilty.

    Kotze claimed he could not be held accountable for his actions. The other three said they had only pretended to rape Bonnette.

    Bonnette testified that Sithole, Mohlake, and Mphaka looked on while Kotze sexually tortured her and cut off her nipples and then took turns to rape her.

    Ina Bonnette and her friend Christene Strydom look on as Johan Kotze passes them inside the Pretoria High Court. In the background is Kotze's best friend, Dirk van der Merwe. Photo: Phill Magakoe
    Independent Newspapers
    Mphaka testified that Kotze was full of jokes when he took the three of them to Modimolle to wash his caravan.

    Once there, they had to remove and replant palm trees before they were called into the house, supposedly to fetch soap so they could wash the caravan.

    Once inside, Sithole told them they were there to have sex with Kotze's wife because he was “too fat” to have sex with her himself. She had affairs and had asked him to get other men to have sex with her.

    “Andries said the woman would pretend not to know what was going to happen and she wanted to be tied up and gagged because she was noisy. I told Mohlake something's not right,” Mphaka said.

    “Andries (Sithole) said where will you ever see a white person giving his wife to black people? We're lucky. Now we can experience how it feels (to have sex with a white woman).”

    “I said no, I don't want to sleep with the woman. That's not what I came there to do. Mohlake also said he could not. Kotze should rather pay us so that we could leave.

    “Kotze said he was not going to listen to a k*****r. A k*****r would do as he said. He said if we did not co-operate, no one would leave there alive. He said a k*****r is a strange thing. He rapes on his own but when you give him a woman he refuses.

    “He did not look the same as before. He was angry. He came back with pantyhose and a firearm. He said he wanted to hear nothing further from us. Andries must give us the pantyhose to wear on our heads,” he said.

    Mphaka testified that Kotze forced him and Mohlake at gunpoint to get into a cupboard, where they could see through a tiny hole how Kotze tied up his wife while Sithole taped her mouth shut. Kotze then ordered Sithole to have sex with his wife.

    “The woman was not lying still. She kicked and then Kotze slapped her. She asked why do you allow them to do this to me? He (Kotze) said because you're running around (with other men). Who is the man in the red Volvo?

    “I went to lie on her. I pulled down my zip, but my penis was still in my underpants.

    “Kotze pulled me away because he could see what I was doing. He called Mohlake, who also lay on top of her with his pants still on,” he said.

    Mphaka did not agree with Bonnette's evidence that he had an erection and raped her.

    The trial continues on Friday. - Sapa
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    04.21.18 @ 05:47 PM
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    What a lovely start to a Saturday morning. I am so sick, sick, sick of humanity when I read stuff like this. I wish I hadn't. But my not reading it won't stop it happening...You always know that somewhere, something like this is going on, and that's what's really sickening.
    I'm FEMALE...Deal with it!

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    Thatcher, 1980

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