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    12.31.69 @ 04:00 PM
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    It is now time for Van Halen to do something. Has been well over a year with no statements, it is time to do something. This sounds like G&R more and more everyday. At this rate we will be here 5 years from now wondering what is going on. Actually I predict no announcement, CD, or tour until February 2002.

    It is time to release something. Perfect time for a bos set, or even BOVII with perhaps a sneak preview, or advanced single on a BOVII with whoever the singer is (I doubt it is Dave).

    Something has to bedone soon though, I think we are far beyond any kind of announcement, it is now time for some music, any music, new, old, how about just even some unreleased stuff of all three era's, that would keep me happy. TWILY on a good quality CD would just be enough, slap that on a BOVII with a new tease.

    This is just dragging out too long, I am beginning to think Van Halen is totally done and out on the golf courses or something. Hope there is a good explanation for all this, most of ALL I hope Dee Snider is not the singer!

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    04.28.18 @ 03:59 PM
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    Mikey said this year so I wouldn't worry too much. I think the wait is almost over. And if Dee Snider is the new singer, I think I'll which to Culture Club as my new favorite band. J/K

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