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    05.23.18 @ 09:39 AM
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    Default Why it's cool to be in a band...reason #197

    Was playing last night and a group of people came into the club and stood right by the stage on my side. I noticed one of the guys looked exactly like Patrick Warburton. (Everyone should know who he is, dammit! )

    This was weird because my girlfriend and I just watched the entire "The Tick" TV series last week and have been talking about him all week.

    I planned to tell the guy how much he looked like Warburton but my gf was more bold. She walked right up to him and said, "Are you...?"

    The guy just went..."Yeah" as only Warburton can (Watch Family Guy and you'll know about his voice).

    So Patrick Warburton was standing there watching me play and jamming air guitar and and singing along with the band (He apparently loves to have a good time). I got to talk with him after the show and he's a really friendly and funny guy. He really loved the band too so that was cool. I'm still geeking out.

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    05.22.18 @ 06:38 PM
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    You sure he didn't say, Yeah that's right....All signs point to YESSS!"???
    My man, when you are fantasizing, don't go for attainable, you can get attainable at the local Applebee's. - Dave's Dreidel



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