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    Default Woman claims she was raised by monkeys

    It is an amazing – some might say unbelievable – tale: how a housewife from Yorkshire, England, spent five years as a young child being raised by monkeys in the Colombian jungle.

    Yet experts have found no evidence that Marina Chapman’s story is a fantasy – and now she has told it for the first time, in riveting detail.

    In a new book, exclusively serialised by The Mail on Sunday from today, Mrs Chapman reveals how a colony of capuchins taught her how to survive after she was abandoned in the rainforest by kidnappers who botched her abduction.

    She copied the monkeys’ eating habits and high-pitched cries and even learned to climb trees, though she slept in a hollowed-out tree trunk at night. And on one occasion a monkey she called Grandpa because of his sprinkles of white fur cured a crippling stomach pain by leading her to the river and encouraging her to drink until she vomited.

    Mrs Chapman’s story – which has echoes of the Tarzan tales – began in the Fifties when she was drugged and abducted from her Colombian home at the age of four.

    In her memoirs, The Girl With No Name, Mrs Chapman recalls the moment she awoke to find herself in the forest.

    “At a distance of several paces were monkeys staring at me. After a short time, one of the monkeys left the circle and approached me. Afraid, I shrank back into a ball, trying to make myself as tiny as possible,” she says.

    “He reached out a wrinkly brown hand and, with one firm push, rolled me over on to my side. I quivered on the soil, tensed for the second blow that was surely coming.

    “But it didn’t – the monkey had lost interest. He had now returned to the circle, squatted back on his hind legs and resumed watching me, along with all the others. Then they all seemed to want to inspect me.”

    She said the way they enjoyed each other’s company ‘made them feel like a family’ – and although there were nights when she cried for hours out of loneliness, she also felt happy to be with the monkeys and realised ‘I was gradually turning into one of them’.
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