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    08.16.13 @ 09:05 AM
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    Default 1978 Mighty Mite Single Coil. The Frankenstrat pup!

    Not every day that you get to see one of these!

    I had the opportunity to purchase this bad boy and I couldn't pass it up. For many out there, this is THE elusive piece for a perfect Frankenstrat replica. Original Crownhead Gotoh's with the right screw angle are easier to find.

    I plan on doing some sound tests of this pup in the neck and bridge position of a Strat (or two). Supposedly this pickup is the one that Ed used for the Women In Love tapping intro. At that time it was in a white Strat pickguard attached to an unknown Ash body with a Tele bridge pup in the middle position. That pickguard assembly later ended up on the freshly painted red Frankenstrat. The Mighty Mite has the claim as the pickup that has been in Frankenstrat the longest.

    I personally believe Ed's still works, just it has not been hooked up since about 1980. There has been some speculation about whether Ed had this pickup hooked up in tandem with his bridge humbucker to fatten the tone. The jury is still out on that theory...

    Anyway, here it is! John Marks makes some amazing replica's of this pup, and I will be demoing this Mighty Mite against two Replicator's for comparison!


    Atomic Punk Guitars

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    09.26.13 @ 08:05 PM
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    L00ks great Brent!! And very familiar Good for you brother!!

    And thanks for the props on the Replicator too
    Home Of The Replicator

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    05.10.18 @ 09:41 PM
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    Cool find, but the red phenolic pickup that Ed used in the unfinished Boogie Bodies strat with the Danelectro neck on it was not used for the intro to "Women In Love". The pickup selection is the combined "out-of-phase" sound of the bridge and the middle tele pickup in this guitar. This is the standard "Mark Knopfler" ("Sultans of Swing") setting.

    I recorded a version of the intro using my '68 Fender strat with this pickup setting. On Ed's original recording, the Tele pickup in the middle position probably gives a slightly different sound, but the dominant sound comes from this bridge & middle/"Mark Knopfler" setting.(You can see pics of the unfinished/Danelectro "Women In Love" intro guitar in the montage in my can see that the red pickup is in the neck position and the tele pickup is in the middle and a strat pickup with a black bobbin cover in the bridge position)

    You can obviously play it with the middle and neck pickups combined, but it gives a much muddier sound...and you can't get the harmonics properly using the neck and middle setting.

    In my opinion, the red phenolic Mighty Mite pickup was never used, but as you say, there are all sorts of conspiracy theories and "secret switches" that are bandied about, but I think this is all bullshit...
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