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    Default CIA was lying about torture even to its own staff

    CIA was lying about torture even to its own staff - CIA veteran Kiriakou

    Published: 09 February, 2013

    President Obama adopted most of President Bush’s counter-terrorism policies, argues John Kiriakou - the former CIA official who blew the whistle on the agency's torture practices and is now set to go behind bars for it.

    After 9/11 Kiriakou served as the chief of counter-terrorist operations in Pakistan. Now he is heading to prison, having been sentenced to two-and-a-half years.

    Despite that, he says he is proud to have played a role in outlawing torture. Voting for Obama, Kiriakou believed that it would bring positive change – but it never came, he told RT. “I never believed I would be going to prison under a President Obama. Never.”

    RT: You were convicted of revealing the identity of an agent to a freelance reporter who, by the way, never even published it. You said you regretted sharing the name of the agent, of the officer, that you apologized for it. But you also said it was not the reason the government went after you. Why do you think the government went after you?

    John Kiriakou: I’ve never believed that my case was about a leak. I’ve always believed my case is about torture. When I went on ABC News in December 2007 and I said that not only was the CIA torturing prisoners, but that the torture policy was an official US Government policy that was approved at the very top, by the President of the United States himself, the CIA filed what’s called “a crimes report” against me the next day with the Justice Department. The Justice Department never stopped investigating me from December of 2007 until I was finally arrested in January 2012. So to say that this case is a result of a name that was found in attorney’s brief at Guantanamo is just simply not true.

    RT:So they were looking for something?

    JK: They were looking for something to pin on me.

    RT: What I find most outrageous about your case is that had you been actually accused of torture, of human right violations, you wouldn’t have gone to jail.

    JK: No.

    'Most people don’t realize this but President Obama has surrounded himself with the same Intelligence advisors who advised President Bush.'

    RT: They would dismiss any accusation because US Government has classified everything related to its torture practices. But yet you go to prison because you talked about it. Why do you think this administration, President Obama, who signed an executive order to stop torture at the very beginning of his first term, why do you think he is protecting folks from the previous administration?

    JK: Most people don’t realize this but President Obama has surrounded himself with the same Intelligence advisors who advised President Bush. Through most of the first term, the CIA had the same deputy director that Bush had, the same director of operations that Bush had. John Brennan, who is President Obama’s new designee to be the CIA director and until a week ago or so, was the deputy national security adviser, was under President Bush the director of the National Counter-Terrorism Center and up to his eyeballs in torture policy. So even if we changed presidents, there was no real change of Intelligence advisors, at least not on counter-terrorism.

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    "Watch what people are cynical about, and one can often discover what they lack.” -- Gen. George S. Patton

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    I personally disagree with us torturing anybody, we are supposed to be the civilized society, not the barbarians with the totalitarian government, and we are becoming more like the people we are fighting with each passing year.

    Some believe it is necessary, but I do not. Not that anyone cares, it is just my personal view on it.
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