Hey guys,

I am trying to figure out the best way I can get a somewhat "close" as I can get RHRN / Balance era Eddie sound out of a couple or single Boss pedals.

right now I have a PS5 Super shifter pedal that gives kind of a decent Balance era tone with the dtuned type effect Eddie was going for back in the mid 90s. It does ok but have also heard some decent things about the Boss Harmonist PS6 pedal and wondered if this pedal may do a little better for me for what I am going for for the Balance era type sound.

back then Eddie got that big, majestic, chorusy, harmonized and very processed tone that a lot of people dont like. I love Ed's classic tone but also really enjoy the mid 90s tone he got too and was wondering if you thought the PS6 might be a little closer for what I am looking for. Back then in those days Ed had HUGE sound (hell listen to any Balance era boot and its like... damn thats a massive guitar tone) and was using the Eventide harmoizer and that had a lot to do with that sound he got in that time and then in 98 he got away from that tone and never really went back to it. good or bad what do you guys think would be a better pedal running through a basic bedroom setup like I use with a 5150 combo type amp with the usual MXR stuff (really does not apply but its in line too) for that Balance era tone? I know I cant get it right on with what I am using but curious on your thoughts regarding the PS6 harmonist.

thanks guys,