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    Adelaide, Australia
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    Fair Warning
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    HAIL, DDL, Dirty Movies
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    05.25.18 @ 08:59 AM
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    Default ATCWR in awesome quality

    I know this clip isn't new, but the quality of it is awesome.....

    If you have nothing nice to say about Eddie Van Halen, you're at the right website. - Me (A few years ago)

    "People take Van Halen much more seriously than we do" - David Lee Roth (1980's)

    "I don't sit on the end of your bed while you're trying to make a living" - David Lee Roth (1988)

    "For some reason people love to complain about everything. The internet has made it easy for people to do that. Shut the fuck up and get a life, or show me how good you can do it."- Edward Van Halen

    "A lot of people ask me which Van Halen singer was better. You can't compare them. It's like asking which guitarist is better. Nobody is better than anybody. Every player is their own person."-Edward Van Halen

    "I do like Eddie Van Halen as a player. He gets it right quite often." -Paul McCartney

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    P.F. Chang, South Korea
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    Alex, Dave, Ed and Mike
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    The songs with Ed on them
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    05.25.18 @ 12:53 PM
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    Yeah, getting that kind of audio quality when lip syncing is a bitch!

    Edit: Those fucking boots. Wow.
    Taylor Swift is nice to look at. Adele can sing.

    Emperor Brett - "I can't believe you guys are analyzing song-by-song Van Halen III? What next, analyzing the script of Stroker Ace looking for some shred of Citizen Kane?"

    David Lee Roth did the impossible. He made Van Halen better. Deal with it!

    A man's rights rests in three boxes: the ballot box, the jury box, and the cartridge box

    Hurricane Halen - Let's all gingery touch our sword tips!!!

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    Rochester Hills, MI
    Favorite VH Album

    Fair Warning
    Favorite VH Song

    Runnin' With the Devil
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    05.25.18 @ 12:20 PM
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    Television Show Producer: "Have you had your pre show required full frontal lobotomy?". Television Show Attendee: "Yes". Television Show Producer: "OK, you may attend this lip-synced performance of a song featuring American rock band Van Halen. Try not to move or react to the performance in any way whatsoever". Television Show Attendee: "Yes, sir".



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