Ring finder sues owner: $66,500 sought

A ring finder is suing the owner of the ring after she wasn't granted the $3,000 reward. On Jan. 7, Clarion Ledger reported that a woman found a diamond ring in a tanning bed and didn't return it to its owner for over a month. Since the owner didn't pay the promised reward, the "finder" has decided to sue her... for more than $66,500! So now, Melisa Boucek (the ring "owner") is being sued by Bonnie Land (the ring "finder").

"Bonnie Land, of St. Charles, said she always intended to return the ring but forgot to leave it at the front desk as she left The Tan Company on May 9, then didn't know what to do when she discovered it in a jacket pocket a few weeks later," ClarionLedger.com reported.

When a ring finder sues the ring owner, one has to wonder just what the motive is... it isn't like the woman is suing only for the reward money. Land was actually charged with stealing after being questioned by police and it seems as though she wants some sort of revenge. Ironically (or not), Land didn't "find the ring" in her pocket until after a reward notice was posted at the tanning salon.

It is highly unlikely that Land will win the lawsuit against Boucek, but there is a chance that Boucek will have to pay the initial reward of $3,000.

It seems odd that a ring finder would sue the ring's owner, but a reward was promised and not received.