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Thread: Silverchair

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    05.16.18 @ 11:48 AM
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    Default Silverchair

    time's ripe for a return....




    The Last Of Silverchair

    The Final Bit Of Silverchair -Album No. 6 was unnamed and undated

    but, it might be too far behind him now...

    In 2012 Daniel Johns wrote and collaborated with the Australian Chamber Orchestra to produce the soundtrack "Atlas" for Qantas Airlines. The commercial began airing a week before the 2012 Olympics. Daniel is quoted as saying "When Qantas first approached me, I agreed to the project as I was really into the idea of creating a piece of music that represented Australia. I wanted it to sound big, something special. It was a conscious effort to create a good piece of music and not just a jingle. I've also wanted to work with the Australian Chamber Orchestra for a long time now so it was great to finally be able to do that."

    Daniel is currently in the process of producing his debut solo album. As of November 2012, the album's release is unknown. Also, it is speculated that Daniel may use material from the unfinished sixth album Silverchair was working on prior to their "indefinite hibernation."
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    03.30.18 @ 08:03 AM
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    How unfortunate. I love their last album.

    Daniel Johns was the brainchild for that band, so maybe his solo stuff will be just as good...when we see it, that is.
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