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    05.16.18 @ 11:48 AM
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    Default New is old again: How to turn MP3s back into records

    To every thing, turn, turn turn….and when there’s a time to dance, put on a record, not an iPod.

    For the daring or the curious,the Instructables website has instructions for converting today’s modern MP3 files into old-timey records.

    Audiophiles often argue that the warmth and high fidelity of records trumps modern digital file formats. That’s not the advantage here, however; the author of the guide notes that the records he created are lower quality, with a sampling rate of 11kHz (one quarter of a typical MP3) with a 5-6 bit resolution, while MP3 audio is 16 bit.

    But the song is clearly recognizable, if grainy, and for retro lovers or just a fun weekend project, it’s intriguing.

    “This project was my first experiment extending this idea beyond electronics,” the author explained. He printed the records on a UV-cured resin printer called the Objet Connex500, using a custom-written program to automatically convert the ones and zeroes of the audio file into peaks and valleys on a record.

    “It works by importing raw audio data, performing some calculations to generate the geometry of a record, and eventually exporting this geometry straight to the STL file format (used by all 3D printers).”

    Intrigued? Learn more, or try it out yourself-- if you’re feeling brave.
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    05.20.18 @ 11:14 PM
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    Very interesting!

    I love vinyl.
    Nothing beats the sound.
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