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    Default Sharing - W/D and W/D/W 80's and 90's Eddie's tone!

    First of all, I thank everybody on the links who helped me with the necessary knowledge to build my rig. It's amazing how much I learned about guitar stuff on this guitar room! Therefore, I decided to share my parameters and some things I discovered on this 3~4 years of learning.

    I know a lot of people here share the same rig "concept" or even the same equipment, so I propose we share our parameters here! Here are the settings I'm using currently. I usually change it according to personal taste, but I always tend to go back to one of the following "Eddie" tones. Here it goes:

    Live 90's Eddie i.e. Poundcake / Seventh Seal - "Subtle" processing
    Pitchfactor Micropitch (Pitch Shifting):
    +9 cents / -9 cents
    5 ms / 25 ms
    Mix: ~40
    This one is very nice and if you have a Wolfie (or a Music Man, of course), it can get pretty close to Eddie's tone circa 93-95. Does anybody here use a different approach to achieve the FUCK tone?

    Live 80's Eddie i.e. A.F.U. / Black and Blue - "In your face" processing
    Pitchfactor H949-1 (Pitch Shifting):
    1.014 (+14 cents) / 0.986 (-14 cents)
    5 ms / 25 ms
    Mix: ~50
    This one doesn't sound right, but i'ts not supposed to, as I'm not using a Marshall and my guitar is a Wolfie. Does anybody here have a more "Cabo Wabo" kind of chorusy setting?

    Everything else on the Pitchfactor is on 0 (filter, depth, feedback, etc.), as the delay units have a much more sweet modulation IMO

    Delay on both cases: Roland SDE3000's (Stereo Delay):
    250 ms / 500 ms
    The longer (500 ms) delay is on the "tuned up" cab (+9 cents or +14 cents).

    Filter, Delay Phase and Modulation switches are ON
    Delay Mix: 05
    Feedback: 05
    Modulation Rate: 20
    Modulation Depth: 05

    I'm always adjusting the modulation at taste. It used to be 40, then 20 and for some time I even used it on 0. It never sounds "right" to me and I keep tweaking it at taste and randomly (this is where the fun is!) Does anybody have a "sweet spot" setting for theese?

    Mix and feedback are at taste also and always generally low, ranging from 5 to 10, but theese are much easier to control and depends on the song/mood etc. (i.e. 91-93 Eddie is a lot more wet than 95-98 Eddie)

    Now, some things I figured on the meantime while building and playing with this rig for a pretty long time:

    ps 1: This can be a lot useful for some people: my rig is not a W/D/W. it's kind of a "dual mono" rig. The effects are splitted in stereo but instead of having a center dry cabinet I have more dry mix on both L and R cabs. I prefer this setting as it is a lot easier to play at lower volumes, to mic anywhere or to record at home on a simple 2 channel sounboard. The amp (Peavey 6505) is on 100% dummy and 2 line outs feed the effects and the power amp. I thought the tone would suck and be a mudfest, but it's very crunchy and amazing if the speakers are driven accordingly, so don't be afraid to use your amp as a pre-amp, it might work as it did for me!

    ps 2: Until recently, I didn't have the signal splitted on both cabs because of phase shifting problems so it wasn't a real stereo setup. To fix this, I'm using a Y guitar signal splitter with a phase inverter switch (Palmer PGA03). In my opinion, this is a lot safer (and less noisy) than relying on a Y cable or 2 parallel line outs from the DI box. The difference is a lot noticeable, and for the better.

    I hope this thread helps a lot of "modern Eddie tone" lovers!
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