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    05.16.18 @ 11:48 AM
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    Default Rikers officer sues jail because of guards having 'rampant' sex at work

    Not sure how this lawsuit thingy really can do something that you're not supposed to and then sue when things don't work out the way you thought they would?

    Rikers officer sues jail because of guards having 'rampant' sex at work... even though she had affair with a married warden

    Sex among correction guards and supervisors is ‘rampant’ at New York’s notorious Rikers jail, according to a new lawsuit.

    Correction officer Tomara Bryan, who herself had a relationship with a married guard, claims that illicit liaisons are common between Rikers' workers, occur during work hours, and argues that female officers are being unfairly treated as a result.

    Miss Bryan alleges in the lawsuit that her female supervisors discriminated against her because she was having an affair with a married Rikers Island warden, whose wife also worked at the jail.

    Miss Bryan claims that lots of workers at the jail have trysts together but it is only the women involved who are discriminated against. The women in the liaisons are held to a double standard by their female supervisors because they are seen as initiating the affairs, she argues.

    In the lawsuit, which was filed on Monday in Bronx Supreme Court, Bryan alleges that her female bosses verbally and physically abused her after they discovered that she was having an affair with Emmanuel Bailey.

    After her supervisors found out about their relationship around July 2010, they unfairly disciplined her, forced her to take a ‘bogus’ drug test and sent her on 'dangerous' tasks, Bryan claims.

    Despite Bryan’s alleged treatment, bosses never punished Bailey for the relationship, the suit claims.

    The lawsuit comes almost seven months after Bailey was arrested on assault and harassment charges. Bryan accused Bailey in February of beating her up during their two-year affair, reported the New York Post.

    Bailey allegedly punched Bryan in the face, kicked her in the stomach, punched a hole in the wall of her Brooklyn apartment, tore down a door frame and threatened to kill her over the phone, according to a criminal complaint.

    Bailey, who retired from the DOC a day after his arrest, pleaded guilty to disorderly conduct on Wednesday and received a conditional discharge. He was ordered to stay away from Bailey for two years.

    Bryon, who has Bailey’s first name tattooed at the base of her back, claims that her relationship with Bailey started in July 2010 and ended shortly before his arrest for assault.

    Bailey told DNAinfo that he was separated from his wife during his relationship with Bryan and said his divorce came through in April.

    Bailey, a grandfather, also said that he took a plea deal to avoid a trial and was never physically abusive to Bryan while they lived together.

    'Ask the neighbours. They had no complaints, except for the lovemaking,' he told DNAInfo.

    Bailey added that Bryan went to police because he broke up with her, pointing out that she reported the abuse five months after it is alleged to have happened.

    Monday’s lawsuit claims that Bryan complained about her treatment to the DOC's office of equal employment opportunity in October 2011.

    The suit claims those complaints were dismissed as ‘unsubstantiated.’ Then , in March this year, Bryan filed a discrimination charge with the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, the suit claims.

    After Bailey’s February arrest, Bryan’s supervisors allegedly further discriminated against her. They sent her to the hospital for a psychiatric evaluation, claimed she violated the sick-leave policy and underpaid her, the suit says.
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    05.12.18 @ 08:18 AM
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    What a stupid lawsuit! However, my friend who used to work at a couple prisons in Cali said that there was ALWAYS stuff happening between the prison guards. He also was a former soldier and worked in a hospital. He said he never saw so much "interplay" between co-workers as he did in the prisons. They were all passing around the same family of crabs to each other: stick around long enough and you'd have a itchy reunion.

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    04.25.18 @ 08:59 AM
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    What a load of crap.

    What a waste of time

    Worse than watching the original Footloose movie
    It is what it is

    I won't insult your intelligence by suggesting that you really believe what you just said

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    Oh c'mon now......Kevin Bacon was the bomb in that movie.....
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