Well, lately I've been wanting to change up my sound, so I've been trying different woods, different pickups, trying to nail the tone I want. Finally I've gotten to the point where I have started trying to fine tune pickups to get them right where I want them. That's what lead me to try swapping magnets.

First up is my favorite flavor cherry red SG. Note the weird grey bridge pup bobbin.

I liked the stock 498t ok, but it was a little too brittle and bright sounding, with a harsh break up. I swapped out the Alnico V magnet with an Alnico II. Huge difference. Gone is that harshness. It sounds full, warm, and cleans up well. Vintage overwound P.A.F. tones. The middle position with bridge and neck pups combined sounds like a Les Paul... from an SG! Beautiful, warm bluesy tone that sparkles when it's clean.

I plan on swapping magnets on several pickups in the future. I know Ed claims he did the same to achieve his tones back in the day. Anyone else experimented with swapping magnets on pickups?