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    Default Wah Modding - EVH Wah Owners, help me out?

    I was given a broken Crybaby a while back. I found it while I moved a few months ago and decided to have some fun modding and experimenting with it.

    I replaced the broken switch, added an indicator LED, and most importantly added a 3-way rotary switch to select between 3 different wah voicings - one custom tailored to my tastes, an approximation of the EVH wah and an approximation of the Hendrix wah.

    Through my research I've found the EVH wah uses a custom taper 150k pot, .012uf sweep cap and a standard black Dunlop inductor with the EVH logo slapped on it. I've got a decent approximation of what I hear on ADKOT and in demos, but I'm not as close as I think I could get yet.

    Anyways, I'm looking for a few pics of the EVH wah's circuit board. Can anybody pop their's open and snap a few pics for me? Many thanks in advance!

    By the way, if anybody else is interested in modding their GCB-95 (or JH-1, they're really similar), this page is a really valuable resource: The Technology of Wah Pedals

    And here's a pic of the pedal in progress so far...

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