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Thread: It Bites

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    Default It Bites

    I thought I had started a thread way back about these guys. If it can be found, I apologise for the duplicate, but I searched to no avail.


    Anyone who wants to know what it would sound like if Rush and Gabriel era Genesis were kind of molecularly fused, this might be the band for you.

    I just got their new album and it is spectacular - called "Map of the past". It's their second since they reformed with new guitarist/vocalist John Mitchell, after the un-fucking-believable "The Tall Ships".

    A case of a band being better with a new frontman, which I didn't believe possible after Francis Dunnery (Vocals/guitar/being mental) left in the early nineties.

    I'm thinking particularly of LLFHS, Zachenfoot, Sixstring and like-minded souls who may never have heard of this criminally underrated and overlooked band.

    Check them out of you have the time.

    In order of preference I would go for their albums in this order:

    The Tall Ships (new lineup)
    Once around the world
    Map of the past (new lineup)
    Big lad in the windmill
    Eat me in St Louis

    They are all stellar musicians and they write great songs to boot.

    (From "The Tall Ships" - "Playground" - heartbreaking ballad)

    (From "Map of the past" - New album. "Wallflower" - touch of prog here I think)

    (From "Eat me in St Louis" - Old lineup "Let us all go")

    Hope you enjoy, and remember, if you like it, buy it.
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    I JUST ran across a story on them in Classic Rock Mag. Had never heard of them before and went YouTubin' on their stuff and, yes, they're awesome. Plan on getting WAY into this band in the near future. VERY cool stuff.


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