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    Hot For Teacher
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    AZ, U.S.A.
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    Fair Warning
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    Light Up The Sky
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    11.09.05 @ 05:37 PM
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    What can I say, my friends? I'm sick of this whole thing. Van Halen is due to reach a peak of interest with regards to a reunion, and then certain people are just gonna stop caring.

    VHDOF has reached this point. Forgive me for referring to myself in the third person.

    I hope for Van Halen's sake that the boredom and cynicism engendered by the dubious handling of their public relations is only affecting me, and that they don't lose legions of other potential customers in the upcoming months. Don't get me wrong; if the reunion happens, I'll be there, but will approach it all with an extremely cynical eye.

    If something concrete happens, I don't care anymore if I hear about it later (pardon the pun) than everybody at VHLinks or PD. I'll hear about it soon enough, through the usual sources (TV, radio, etc.). If I hear anything from my limited sources, I will definitely pass it on, but don't hold your breath.

    Being a guitarist, I will still occassionally drop into the guitar room as I have found it to be a fantastic place to visit to stay up to date with equipment, playing, etc., and find that posts by ian, homeunit, tribb, Jape Man, etc., are far more interesting than rumors and innuendo about VH.

    I have one hope in this matter, it's what I call a 'Cynical-Murphy', after the infamous Murphy's law. I'll relate a quick story, this one happened this morning. Myself and a work associate were waiting for an elevator, and after a minute or so it appeared that there was a problem. I turned to the work associate and remarked, "You know, there's one way to guarantee the elevator will finally arrive." He said, "How's that?" I said, "Let's start up the stairs, and by the time we reach the top of the first flight, we'll hear the elevator doors fly open." We both agreed, started up the stairs, and I was wrong; the doors flew open on about the second step.

    So, I'm hoping to get a 'Cynical-Murphy' here with VH, I'll stop paying attention, and then it will all happen, and I'll have to play catch up. Of course, trying to intentionally set up a 'Cynical-Murphy' usually jinxes the whole process, but sometimes you get lucky...

    So, take it easy everybody, VHlinks still rules, the mods do a great job, the new board looks awesome (you're welcome, Brett). I'll talk to you all again in the main discussion area when there is truly something to talk about.

    <b><i>They call me the thread killer.</b></i><br /><br />First six albums rule. In addition, the following represent the only two Y2K release in the world that are preventing me from losing it altogether waiting for the VH reunion.<br /><br /><b>Galactic Cowboys</b> <b><i>Let It Go</b></i><br /><b>King's X</b> <b><i>Manic Moonlight</b></i><br /><b>Rush</b> <b><i>Vapor Trails</b></i> <br /><b>David Douglas</b> <b><i>Music From A Guest Room</b></i><br /><br />Later, VHDOF

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    Damage your reputation seenbad's Avatar
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    Portland Oregon
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    Halen 1
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    I'm the one
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    12.12.18 @ 11:54 PM
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    Taker easy VHDOF
    sheepa latta peepah dabba looka foh a moopy

    Gunter glieben glauchen globen

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    Atomic Punk Wolfman's Avatar
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    Lexington, KY
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    Fair Warning
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    Hear About It Later, Atomic Pu
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    07.20.17 @ 03:43 PM
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    Stay cool, VHDOF -

    You know we'll be here when you feel like dropping by. [img]smile.gif[/img]

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    Sinner's Swing! AJW's Avatar
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    All 7 with Dave
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    Hear About It Later
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    12.12.18 @ 05:19 PM
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    Take care man. I kind of feel the same way you do. Especially after reading the post by 5150EDU and Arcadia Blues.

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    Imperial Fascist Overlord Down In Flames's Avatar
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    Your Mother's Bedroom
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    VH II
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    Murphy knew his shit. Fine Irishman he was.

    See you soon, VHDOF.

    No, really...

    "You are the McCarthy of this board. The witch burner." - strungout, on yours truly

    "Only Eddymon would claim victory during a FOUR game losing streak." - OLO

    "Did I not say, 'I think we should shoot him!' I did. Double rainbow on this end. I require a high five. Out."- track 5, on the delicate art of banning

    "If you have a problem, if no one else can help, and if you can find them, maybe you can hire..."



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