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    05.21.18 @ 02:51 AM
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    Default questions???????

    Hey there ,I've somehow become addicted to this site lately.
    Even though ive browsed this fine since about 2001 or so,I never actually registered until this the reason being is I have a new Android phone which makes it good for me to surf anywhere I am at anytime.quite often with a free WiFi signal.I just love my new phone.its a HTC raider and its really good.I use it for tunes too.the sound with good headphones is quite impressive.
    My favorite thing about having this wonderful new phone is that I can rock out to the live van halen YouTube footage every day.anywhere and I travel by train to work and back.
    So is my forum suggestion.
    How about a question section?
    A section where vhlinks fans could ask questions and then get answers to the questions that were asked.
    Here are some questions I have now.
    How do you copy YouTube clips to save and view on an SD card to watch without being online at the time you are watching them.and then transfer to dvd to watch on home stereo?
    What ever happened to the old vh regulars like Eddie anderson.was he fired by dave for selling bootleg tshirts?
    What about Neil zlozower?why doesn't he shoot vh pictures anymore?is it because not there?
    Is there any interview articles with the old insiders like the aforementioned and rudy leirien ,Pete angelus and any of the people who worked for and with them.?
    Is there a way they track tshirt and merchandise sales and find out what city sold what.?
    How do they split the profits?
    Why in the jump video dave sings an extra spot where he shakes his hair and sings "whahaoww",but that soundbite is not on the album,only in the video?
    I wonder what's up with ted templeton.he recently produced doobie brothers and wonder if he has commented on adkot?
    Any get the idea.
    Fans could get answers to their questions .
    Just an would be good.
    Great site for sure.I love following the instant show reviews and pictures and very much else too.
    Also the interview section could be lengthened and updated with more.
    O.k.that's my input for now.
    Thanks so much for this killer deadly site.
    I'm currently setting up my paypal account and intend to donate soon,before the end of summer.and want to shop at amazon and the vh store.

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    05.22.18 @ 03:27 AM
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    You must be out of breath .

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