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    Default Did some upgrades - for cheap!

    I've been meaning to post this for awhile. I was looking at some of the prices for upgrading my Floyds with stainless steel since I started to notice some rust on the original black screws. So I did some research and went to Fastenall (I don't know if everyone has a Fastenall). Through a small amount of trial and error and specs from Stu Mac, this is what I did:

    Floyd Rose Replacement Screws

    Rear neck mounting screws- button head M4 X 16mm 2 X 36.81 = .74
    Rear mount internal lock washer M4 X 10mm dia. 2 X 2.34 = .05
    String Clamp Screws – socket head M4 X 8mm 3 X 17.23 = .52
    TOTAL = 1.31

    Saddle Mounting screws – socket head M3 X 6mm 6 X 9.87 = .59
    String lock screws – socket head M4 X 40mm 6 X 53.76 = 2.15
    String lock screw D-Tuna – socket head M4 X 50mm 1 X .54 = .54
    Block mounting screws – Flat head M5 X 12mm 3 X 37.82 = 1.14
    TOTAL = 4.42

    FINE TUNER SCREWS - From Keith (Hookey on Ebay) - Just ask him for raw brass screws instead of painted fine tuner screws
    Knurled flat top brass thumb screw M5 X 10mm Set of 6 = 17.98

    * A-4 Stainless steel has more stainless than A-2, thus having better rust protection. Depending on the part and vendor, A-4 can even be less expensive than A-2.

    ** For most parts, A-2 has knurl marks on the side of the head. All the A-4 parts I bought had smooth sides to the head.
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