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    05.26.18 @ 10:53 PM
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    Default High Heels Can Make Your Breasts Sag

    Fascinating health update:

    Yes, we've all been told to "sit up straight" -- or suffer the consequences of poor posture. But that's just not a particularly scary warning. So let us explain it in a way that's a little more specific: A bent spine might mean saggy breasts. (For the solution to a saggy and flabby belly, check out the all-new Belly-Melt Diet.)

    Did that get your attention?

    Here's how it works: When you slouch forward all the time -- like you probably do while working on your computer or driving your car -- your chest muscles actually stiffen, which pulls your shoulders forward into a permanent slump. The result: A look that's unbecoming to your bosom. Worse, hunching forward also puts more stress on your upper spine, which leads to neck, back, and shoulder pain. Did your neck start hurting one day and never stop? It's probably the result of poor posture.

    But bad posture doesn't just mean slumped shoulders. When you sit constantly -- as most of us do -- the muscles on the fronts of your hips become short and tight. What's more, your glutes -- or butt muscles -- actually forget how to contract. (After all, with so much chair time, they're not being used for much of anything except padding for your hip bones.) Now, the combination of tight muscles on the front of your hips and weak muscles on your backside causes your pelvis to tilt forward. This pushes your lower abdomen outward, making your belly pooch out -- even if you don't have an ounce of fat.

    Worse yet, high heels complete the ugly picture. Your high-fashion shoes not only contribute to your pooch, but again, leave you less perky up top as well, according to Rachel Cosgrove, C.S.C.S., author of The Female-Body Breakthrough. Don't get defensive! We're not knocking heels; we're just saying they can make your ankle muscles tight. When that happens -- and if often does over time -- leads to tighter muscles all the way up your legs to your lower back. (Think of the old song: "The ankle bone is connected to the knee bone" It's the same way with your muscles.) And a tight lower back causes you to compensate by hunching forward even more, says Rachel. So your sag worsens. Not a pretty sight.

    So take the necessary precautions women, and take them immediately. You're welcome.
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    04.21.18 @ 05:47 PM
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    Reminds me of a little song we used to sing as kids, whilst marching around the play-ground:

    Do your boobs hang low,
    Can you swing 'em to and fro,
    Can you tie 'em in a knot,
    Can you tie 'em in a bow,
    Can you sling 'em o'er your shoulder,
    Like a regimental soldier,
    Do your boobs HANG LOWWWWWW???

    If I only us girls had been aware of the proleptic irony contained within its cheery melody, back in the day, eh!?
    I'm FEMALE...Deal with it!

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    05.02.18 @ 02:05 AM
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    Now you tell me.

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    05.15.18 @ 07:29 PM
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    I don't care if said boobs are orbiting below the knee caps, high heels are sexy!

    .. but i understand the health risks involved.
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