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    Default Complete lack of respect

    I'll say this quickly, before the mods close this thread like almost every other one I've looked at in the last 1/2 hour.

    While I'd love to say it's no surprise re the "soap opera" element to the tour, I can't. It wouldn't be VH if there wasn't some crazy bullshit.

    That aside, the big question for me is, if VH had any respect for its fans, don't you think a statement - even if only a "read between the lines, we ain't sayin' nothing" piece of crap - would have shown some respect for the fans.

    Clearly, bands who are feuding don't signal their intentions to stop and do another 5 weeks - UNLESS they are contractually obligated to finish at least that leg, but can then pull the pin past that date (I'm thinking back to Hagar's book and how he would've quit if he wasn't tied down legally).

    Whatever the reason, be it good or bad, a heads up to the fans would seem the nice thing to do. Clearly, VH only cares about the fans if they're clipping the ticket when they walk into the record shop/iTunes/Concert hall. Other than that, they don't give a fuck.

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    Truth is, no one knows why the dates have been postponed yet. There's rumors out there but we just don't know yet. The band has done more for the fans on this tour than probably ever before now. The fact that they're showing a complete lack of respect according to you is silly. You are right about one thing though, I am going to close this thread. Let's wait until we see what's really going on before we jump to conclusions. You want to vent? We have a thread going on to talk about it in the tour forum.



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