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    05.03.18 @ 09:49 AM
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    Dave and Sammy play Cincinnati on Tuesday night (I am taking my son to his first concert). The ad for the show on the Riverbends web site. It tells a litte about Dave and states that Dave released the first internet only single Look at all the people here tonite, I thought just a slect few of us knew about that , I just found it interesting here is what the ad said.:
    David Lee Roth, the original Van Halen lead singer, rose to fame with the group in the 1980s with their string of hits including Jump, Hot For Teacher, and Panama. Roth left the group in 1985 and went on to have success as a solo performer. In 1997, he released a greatest hits package, titled The Best. With his 2000 single, Look At All The People Here Tonight, Roth became the first musician to have a single released to radio exclusively through the internet.
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    03.20.07 @ 11:01 AM
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    Huh, interesting. Thanks for that tidbit [img]graemlins/thumb.gif[/img]

    I had no idea that DLR holds that distinction. Pretty cool if you ask me, even if the song did suck horribly

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    03.03.15 @ 07:31 PM
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    That's supposed to be a song?

    Somebody is really grasping at straws. Of all the things to use to hype DLR LAATPHT has to rank right up there with his DVD clips. And what's this first single released on the internet crap? Dave needs to get some better people working for him.



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