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    Default Les Paul Restoration

    so back in october it was my regret to have traded a brand new JP EBMM worth 2500+ bucks BRAND NEW mind you, for a Les Paul 70's which at the end turned out to be bogus... :

    i can't reach the cockbreath piece of garbage who i traded with so i indeed believe the body is a real gibson because it weighs a ton and is a pancake body as well.
    so getting to the point, i would like to get it restored
    i would've loved to have Dino from Dinoworks but it appears he has disappeared off the face of the earth [web]

    anyone know of someone who would be able to restore this to 70's era LP?

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    10.20.16 @ 05:41 AM
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    If you don't mind shipping your guitar then check out Eiiechi at this link.

    He is the man!
    He doesn't charge an arm and a leg, and he's done work for many famous artists.
    The work he's done on some of my guitars is second to none, and he's a true old world craftsman.
    Take a look at the "art of guitar repair" section on the site. It's remarkable work.
    I guarantee you'll be more than satisfied with your guitar. Just tell him what you want, and let him work his magic.
    Just my two cents.
    Rest In Peace Dad. 1938-2015



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