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    05.17.18 @ 12:40 PM
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    Default Wolfie up for an award?

    Nikki Sixx's "Sixx Sense" radio show is played at a radio station here from 7pm to midnight during the week. I catch about 15-20 minutes of it during my drive to work and that's it. Tonight turning on the car, I heard them (Nikki and his two sidekicks) in the middle of a discussion about Wolfgang with a mention or two about Michael Anthony. Something about an award(?) show that Nikki was at, I think. Said something about Wolfie being nominated for something and he was boooed. Nikki said he thought it was totally rude and said he wanted to say something to the audience about it, but felt like it wouldn't be appropriate, so he saved it to mention on his radio show (I assume he won the award, because it sounded like he was in a position to address the audience?). They went on to briefly talk about VH fans wanting MA back, which was the genesis of their boos....that they were not personally directed toward Wolf, but just that they want a full blown VH reunion with all 4 original members, etc. Then Nikki's sidekick mentioned that people should dig into what Wolfie's doing and they'd recognize that he's got some serious chops. Nikki chimed in and basically said that of course he does, cuz his dad is freaking Eddie Van Halen. Then he said he should call up Eddie and take some bass lessons from him too.

    I assume Nikki's show originates in LA, so did anyone hear any of this segment that I described? I thought they were good and respectful with some empathy directed toward Wolf and it was nice to hear them talking about VH. Also, if any of you did hear this, do you have any idea what award(?) show they might have been referring to and also what kind of award Wolf would have been up for (again assuming it was for a bass performance or something since Nikki was involved as well as Wolfie and MA).

    Like I said, I just caught the middle of the segment, so I didn't get the full context of the conversation. Perhaps someone could enlighten me.
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    09.07.15 @ 01:12 PM
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    I assume it was the golden god awards.
    Janie Liszewski did the IMPOSSIBLE she helped Eddie Van Halen get better. Deal with it.

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    05.22.18 @ 10:18 AM
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    I know Wolf has made me do a 180. I was almost snickering at the idea of him playing bass in the band...but now....sheesh...he's awesome!

    And...Wolf is bringing back a lot of cool tunes for the tour. He's keeping his dad in a good place as well. A big percentage of the coolness in VH world these days is due to Wolf.

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    01.25.17 @ 03:18 AM
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    The kids father and uncle are awesome musicians, no real surprise Wolfie is so talented. Van Halen is more VH now with 3/4 than it has ever been before. I don't miss MA at all. We would never have what we have with VH without Wolfgang for multiple reasons.
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    01.08.17 @ 08:19 AM
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    Nikki was probably embarrassed because he won the award and isnt as good as any of the other bass players on the list.

    Wolf was probably embarrassed because he was getting booed. Poor kid even excitedly tweeted about being nominated back when it was announced.

    Mike Anthony would surely be embarrassed about the whole thing too.

    Damn booer's just causin' unnecessary embarrassment.



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