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    Default VIP in San Diego and thoughts on VIP

    Hey, Am travelling from Adelaide, South Australia and have got a VIP package in San Diego

    Anybody else going with that option and are there any thoughts/updates on what is in the VIP package? - some of the responses in the Tour Merchandise thread have been less than impressive!

    Am staying in Mission Valley so wouldnt mind any tips on travel and the venue


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    Me & a mate going over for Vegas and LA VIP packages.

    Here's some VIP reviews.

    You get to meet up with VH fans, get the backstage tour (for us it was the soundcheck) and get special treatment throughout the night (ie. no waiting in lines etc.). It was great. Itís more than just a concert ticket, itís a life experience Iíll never forget. I took as many photos as possible and will never forget it.

    Itís definitely worth the extra money if youíre a die-hard fan.

    Everyone got a small tin of pics.

    One of the roadies was handing out Wolfie pics to the group.

    VIP in Louisville included a walk past Wolfie's "bass world" with a peek inside, and a Wolfie pick handed out. Got some stats about the number of trucks, busses, dogs, and gross tonnage of the equipment. VIP room and food were great.

    VIP in Detroit included group "B" getting "lost" backstage, a walk past Eddie's "world", but no look inside or anything else. No stats about anything. VIP room was poorly laid out, food was mostly gone when group "B" got there, group "C" got nothing. Had to pay for parking (that eventually got reimbursed), they ran out of XXL gift bags (which eventually got handed out). Drink tickets were also needed for soda, where in Louisville they were only needed for beer or wine. (the VIPNation hosts were really frazzled, but did their best to deal with everything)

    While standing in the lobby in Detroit we could hear the VH soundcheck and make out most of the songs they were playing. No soundcheck is included, and no band members seen during any of the VIP experience. In fact, we never even saw where the dressing rooms were.

    However, it's the location of the tickets that's most important. But a word of caution. Go in with a full belly and expecting nothing, and you will have a good time.

    I got my e-mail Monday prior to the Saturday show. The meet up time was 5:15 pm. I have done ILAA for 2 previous VH tours, as well as this one. ILAA is pretty consistent in terms of meeting times and itenerary notice.

    In Louisville, VH had finished soundcheck when we arrived. We did hear a few minutes of Kool/Gang playing Fresh. I suppose anything's possible. Depending on where the party room is located, you might hear stuff. In Louisville, we were in a room off of the upper level.

    I asked the ILAA rep about soundcheck. She said it wasn't offered because VH checks at different times and they didn't want to promise something they couldn't deliver. She did seem to leave it open that if VH was soundchecking during the backstage "tour" that the group wouldn't be kicked out.

    They held a raffle..some cool I saw was a vintage pic of Ed signed! We won nothing. lol Just a good buzz and good time. We then got our tix..3rd row! Had to wait in line for our "swag bag"...the actual bags will be sent to us...but in plastic bags we got real nice Sweat Shirts...similar logo to the grey shirts with blues VH wings logo...tins with sweet VH guitar pics and a lamenent faux ticket. That was our VH vip swag. Gotta say though...sweat shirts and tin of picks are nice.

    What I love about the VIP thing is it's much more convenient, fun and assures great seats. Being able to eat and drink at a bar buy your merch with no one in line, piss and have a cig in the b-room lol with no lines and awesome seats for me...makes it well worth it. We had amazing seats!! Would be nice to meet the band! but we had no luck in that regard.

    I did the VIP package for the Mohegan Sun show and had a blast.

    You get to meet up with VH fans, get the backstage tour (for us it was the soundcheck) and get special treatment throughout the night (ie. no waiting in lines etc.). It was great. It's more than just a concert ticket, it's a life experience I'll never forget. I took as many photos as possible and will never forget it.

    It's definitely worth the extra money if you're a die-hard fan.

    Pittsburgh got a soundcheck: Unchained, RWTD, She's the Woman, Tattoo. The band was loose. Wolfie even joked that Ed sucked at the begining of Tattoo, and Ed told us that we weren't supposed to hear that.

    No DLR. Wolf handled lead singers duties and sounded great.

    I got most of the things you mentioned. In Montreal we got free drinks of any kind, alcoholic or non alcoholic, for as long as we wanted. Free food as well. Swag was pretty nice but this is my first experience with that so I don't know what other swag is offered at other concert experiences. We did NOT get to meet the band and we saw Wolfgang backstage by chance. We only got to see Kool And The Gang during soundcheck. VH was already done with that.

    I am NOT a fan of crowds... at ALL. I liked not having to go through crowds to get where I needed to be. I mean, I REALLY don't like crowds. So that was good for me. Once I was in my seat I didn't have to look back at the swarm of people behind me.

    The real perk of the ticket price was the seats. It was a once in a lifetime, cross if off the bucket list kind of experience. That was the true perk, perhaps not something to boast of for some people who've seen them a dozen times (Counting Montreal in March I've seen them four times.) and plenty of other bands, but for me it was life altering and a cherished memory.

    I've heard some people complain that their drinks bracelets didn't allow for alcoholic drinks and that the food was not plentiful (or cold)... not so in my single experience. I ate, drank and loved every minute of it.
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    I agree if your a diehard original fan it should be on your bucket list. I did it in in 08 and cost me a fortune but was worth it. More so than the backstage thing or the chance to bump into the brothers it's hanging out with other diehards which was the best thing for me.
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