hey guys need help on this...you can answer here or pm me if you want.

ok here goes...i have a Randall MTS RA4X12CS 4x12 cab , 280 watts , four 16 ohm celestion V30 speakers...the mono/stereo inputs plastic input jack fell apart way back so i just wired it up with a single metal plate input jack and wired the cab ;series/parallel , mono, 16 ohms,
i'm using it with my 5150mk1 head.

id like to wire up a new input jack from aftermarket parts and configured something similar to the input jacks used on the mesaboogie recto 4x12 cabs.....two inputs for stereo or bi-amp input and one input jack for mono use .
i want this option because i want to run a second wet effected amp into the cab on occasion ...hence me liking the BI-amplifier inputs option.

now can anyone help me with some advice on how to re wire the speakers for this option or if they need to be rewired in what configuration?

again my cab has four V30 16 ohm speakers. the 5150 head has a 4,8, and 16 ohm output switch. im sure most of you guys know that.

thanks in advance.