Today, I received a call from 503-457-1231. They left a Voice Mail.

What the VM concerned was a taking a Political "Survey"....

But that wasn't the real resason for the call. That "survey" was just to get their "foot in the door"...

What the whole call is ablut is simply one of those "You've won a Free Cruise to the Bahamas" deals.... which I call a scam.

So, they can't call you and directly offer you this "free" cruise is you're on the do not call list....

But, the loophole in the law allows them to contact anyone for a "survey".

You *can* call them and opt out of receiving any more of their "survey" calls.

But.... if a business is so shady as to pull this routine in the first place, then I wonder if they would just resell your verifed phone number to yet another "survey" company ? ? ?

I personally chose to not call them.

How I found out about what was going on was to enter their phone number in google and then I went to the web site to read about what others had experienced whith this number.