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    02.17.18 @ 06:38 AM
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    Default Keyboard on Feels So Good

    Hi, guys.

    Anyone knows what kind of keyboard EVH uses on Feels So Good? Thanks in advance. (Saw the show Thursday in Montréal. Unbelievable...)

    I'm a spot on the horizon.

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    05.18.18 @ 05:41 AM
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    Don't quote me on it, but I seem to remember it was still the Oberheim OB-8. The arpeggiated rhythm is definitely the OB, and if memory serves, I could get a similar sound patch with mine for the main riff. He was experimenting with some Kerzweil stuff at the time, but he usually just midi'd the Kerzweil to the Oberheim because it had more keys, and was a better quality board.(the keyboard was actually a letdown compared to the rest of the synth. always felt cheap and noisy) I think it was the basic factory organ patch and he just messed with the filter and modulation a bit. It has what sounds to be a little harmonizer as well in addition to some delay added.
    I wish I still had that old synth. It was a monster, and sounded so fat, but I had it in the shop so often. I kept losing voices, and certain keys would go dead. The auto tuning function which was great to have (when it worked) also failed several times and my shop could never figure out why, so as the synth got warm it would go out of tune, so I'd have to always manually tune it which could be a pain if you were in a hurry.
    But when that thing was working great, there was nothing on the market at the time that could touch it except the OB-X which I think overall had a slightly warmer sound. That's actually the synth he used on Jump in the studio before he switched to the 8's.



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