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    Romeo Delight
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    Top J/Doctor/HoP/Fools
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    05.24.16 @ 02:24 PM
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    Default Guitar World Top 50 VH songs

    I know this is probably old news and this is just my thoughts on it since I just got the chance to read the article, but I thought that list could have been way better. It only had about 5 Sammy-era tunes (I don't mind that, but just saying) and 2 off ADKOT. I really think that record has some great tunes that rival some of the Dave-era songs they chose (and Sammy-era for that matter). They left off "Secrets" (which I think is a great song VH or not) and a few other Dave tunes which I feel are better than some of the Dave songs selected. Does anyone else have thoughts or opinions on that list?

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    Romeo Delight Frostydelight's Avatar
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    Dance the Night away
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    04.28.13 @ 07:30 AM
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    I skimmed through it. I think Outta Space, Big River, You and Yoru Blues, Chinatwon and Stay Frosty deserve to be in that list. I'm not going to say where per se, but they belong in the top 50.

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    the ones with ed on them.
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    07.20.17 @ 01:42 PM
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    "20 minutes (late to work)? Shit. Last year I woke up three weeks too late.
    My advice is to go for the alien abduction story. Look bemused, dishevelled and on the verge of tears as you recount your story of intrusive and degrading medical tests.
    Worked for me anyway. I still have colleagues asking me what it is like to fuck a green womanoid with seventeen breasts.
    Alternatively just walk in and inform everyone that alcoholism is indeed a disease and that they should be less judgemental and perhaps a little more supportive."
    - graeme on the addiction to this place.

    "something tells me that after the nuclear holocaust, there'll be twinkies, cockroaches, and a dave vs. sammy argument going on somewhere".
    - han valen, 6.11.04

    "in my best "saw" scary movie voice: "oh, yes, there will be beagles."
    - hatchetforce, 6.7.06



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