i recently saw Dave and Sammy prefrom in Atlata. Hoping to capture the essence of the Van Halen/Van Hagar glory days. Boy, was I really in for a suprise.
DLR began the show with some impressive VH songs; however his voice and pathetic dances were so out of sync.
Sammy played more solo tunes; however he still nows how to entertain while being more in touch with reality.
Another thing that suprised me was that half the crowd was at least 20 years older then me.
I only saw a few of my fellow college aged peers around me, and many of them were just Weezer fans. I hope VH renuites b/c Dave is just plain pathetic and it's just such a shame to waste Sammy's voice on his solo material.

BTW, Mike Anthony was pleasenr suprise to the show, but what in the hell are EVH and AVH doing. Get with the program!!!
As for the show...Sammy wins the bill.