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    05.12.18 @ 06:53 PM
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    Default Funniest moments of live shows you've seen in person.

    Had "Black in Black" come up on shuffle here today and I remembered of a moment I hadn't thought of in many years. Attended one of the "Adrenalize" shows Def Lep did in SoCal back in the early 90's and during a bit of goofing around while Rick Allen, Rick Savage and Viv Campbell took a break, Phil and Joe bantered a bit with the crowd and Phil went into the opening of "Black in Black".

    Joe stood silent while the audience began to sing out the opening lyrics, but right around the "let loose from the noose" part the words became unintelligible inside the Fabulous Forum. The whole crowd began to laugh at itself and Joe looked like he was gonna piss his pants. He picked up his mic and said, "We've been to 30 cities in this tour so far and no one ever makes it past that part."

    During the "Invisible Touch" tour of Genesis at the Dodger Stadium show, Phil was farting around with the crowd saying that everyone needed to stand up and hold hands that we would all use willpower to levitate the stadium. He remarked, "Now I'm sure there's some guy standing next to you still sitting and going 'No way, I'm too fucking cool for this!"

    And the final minutes of the Chickenfoot show at Fantasy Springs. Chad demolished his kit, got everything into a pile, placed his throne up top and stuck a single drumstick into it so it was standing straight up. He put up both hands in victory.

    Those are the comedy/rock show moments that stand out for me.


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    03.30.18 @ 08:03 AM
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    Not the Invisible Touch Tour, but part of Phil's shtick prior to "Home By The Sea." Always loved that gag.

    Chad Smith comes to Chicago with Chickenfoot right after the resurgence of the Blackhawks and everyone is excited about hockey again. As the band is bowing to the crowd, he hops in front of the mic and says,

    "I know you guys love the Hawks and everything, but what about my Stanley Cup champion Detroit Red Wings? The Wings rock!"

    It didn't help that the Wings beat us in the playoffs to win the Cup. Sam was also trying to tell a story before Down The Drain and every few words, Chad would interrupt with a "Whooo!" really loud into the mic, trying to throw Sam off.

    I saw Kiss in Milwaukee in 2009 and the crowd was not into the show at all. Paul Stanley starts playing the lead riff of Stairway to Heaven and nobody really cared, and he said, "You guys need to wake up!" I'm not a Kiss fan, and seeing Paul Stanley a bit irritated towards a lethargic crowd was pretty funny to me.

    I've seen a lot of shows...I'll have to think about this. The number of crowd stories I have is incredible, but from the bands themselves...gotta think on this.
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    03.08.12 @ 01:53 PM
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    I saw a show in 79 at the L A coliseum called The World Music Festival. Van Halen was one of the headliners. One of the early bands the second day was "The Fabulous Poodles". There where already many food fights and as the band was finishing it's only hit "Roll Your Own" someone hit the lead singer in the chest with a cup of dirt. He was just finishing the last line. "And roll one up for me". It was more like "roll one up for meeheeeee"
    I think the very next band was The Boomtown Rats. Bob Geldof's band. Bob stopped playing to threaten some dude who threw something at him. The crowd approved of that. Then he started whining about a bunch of shit, Aerosmith (one of the headliners that day) and the people sitting at the top of the stadium when they could sit much closer. The crowd didn't like that. He then asked the crowd to stand up so he could take their picture for his dear old daddy back in england. They did and just about everyone there gave that asshole the finger. When they tried to continue playing they were pelted off the stage with garbage.
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