I saw 5150 this past weekend in Rochester NY.
You guys gotta hear this:

First of all the show was a blast. Scott, the lead guitarist is incredible! Dave the lead singer looks and sounds like he could be Sammy Hagar's clone!....The band smoked for 2 hours through Sammy AND Dave era VH.

But now check this out:

At one point in the evening they were asking the audience for requests. The crowd was going wild, everyone pushing towards the stage, shouting out favorites, yelling and scrambling to the front.

Scott stepped to his mic and said:

"You guys are acting like we have FOOD up here!!!"

That was CLASSIC! And actually he was more correct than he realized! I think I speak for us all when I say: we are all hungry for some Van Halen!

What a great line! That was funny...(and so true)