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    06.11.12 @ 05:41 AM
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    Default "As Van Halen turns", Can it be defined?

    I am new to the forum, but around for a long time. I have tried to place Van Halen into a rock band category for years, but am at a loss. I cannot recall a band that has had so much success on such different levels. Can someone remember a group that has gone through the VH changes and still maintained the popularity. AC/DC did it with Brian Johnson, but Bon died first. Think about it, how many bands lost their lead singer at their peak only to go on with a new lead to be just as successful (more so in many's eyes) as the original, and then go back to the original beginning and do it again. I mean, you have millions of people who defined VH by DLR days, and more millions who defined VH by Sammy days, does this happen in Rock-n-Roll, I can't place it yet.

    Has this ever happened in RnR before? Someone enlighten me if it has because it makes my head spin. Of course it is all about the music, but.... Roger Waters left Pink Floyd in 1983/84, however, there was never a replacement, only David carrying the torch forward.

    I know there is no answer to this question, just trying to place it all in perspective, maybe if I had an example to apply. Indeed, VH is an island upon itself.


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    04.28.16 @ 07:41 PM
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    The only other band that comes to mind is Genesis. They were starting to really hit their stride with the Lamb Lies Down on Broadway and then Peter Gabriel left, only to usher Phil Collins to the front of the band and have them hit the stratusphere. Yes their musical styling changed in the 1980s, but then again whos didnt? Did any band from the 70s survive the 80s without changing their sound? Granted Peter Gabriel has never officially returned to the band for any reason, tour or album so this is pretty much where the Van Halen and Genesis comparision ends. From all aspects though, a reunited Genesis is something that rock fans have wanted to see for years, so who knows what can happen there. Van Halen is definitely in its own category though, because after all the years of silence and bad publicity I never would have figured we would see another album out of Van Halen, let alone a listenable one, and certainly never would have expected to see one that had/has the potential to hit the number one spot on the charts after all these years.



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