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    I know we all love this ultimate posting website. BUT... what else is out there that you guys and sexy gals check out? I think VHLINKS is on top of the "Forum 500" poll!!!!
    Any other sites deserve to be on this poll?

    Whoooaaa TRIGGER!!!
    I am just a punk kid who plays guitar.
    What is understood ..should not be discussed!!
    "In Dave We Trust"

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    Eruption Steven B's Avatar
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    Favorite VH Album

    The one with the :
    Favorite VH Song

    high fast stuff.
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    10.20.18 @ 11:16 AM
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    Anybody down with ???

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    Super Duper Frontman YankeeRose's Avatar
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    I am a Van Halenized Canadian!
    Favorite VH Album

    Favorite VH Song

    Why Can't This Be Love
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    10.11.18 @ 03:50 PM
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    Other music sites that I visit are....
    The best fan site for Sammy Hagar fans!
    Sammy's Official Site.
    A great site for VH news.
    My favorite site for all rock news and album reviews.
    A good official site. They also have a cool message board.
    One of my favorite bands Lee Aaron!
    Steve Vai's Official site.
    David Coverdale's Official Site.
    Kim Mitchell's Official site.
    I check out the boxing section.
    I am a big Ultimate Fighting fan.

    I'm moving this topic to non music.

    Right Now you're reading my post!
    She's a vision from coast to coast...
    Kicking back ain't kicking you...
    Don't disturb my paradise,
    i've asked you once, I asked you nice...
    Up Front Fanatics!

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