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    Default Bashing In the Torrent World

    You have to be a member to get in here, but there is a pretty humorous thread bashing Van Halen by a bunch of people who, obviously, don't follow the band and are admittedly not even fans of the band. In fact, the person that started the topic admits he doesn't even own a single Van Halen album, so I guess we know how biased his posts are going to be.

    He starts with:

    "You suck, Van Halen
    I can overlook that the reunion with Roth is little more than a cash grab to pad the retirement funds.
    I can overlook that any given night is a toss-up whether the band will be any good, whether Eddie will be half-sober, etc.

    Overlooking that you chose Kool & the Gang to open the shows for you...a little harder to handle. Seriously, what were you thinking?

    But this takes the cake. I hope you chose more obscure targets for the songs you stole on the album."

    And then proceeds to show the Commodore's album cover above the new VH artwork. The next post is the always wonderful, "Wolfie sux." That's it. Nothing more.

    The next post with any real thought put into it is:

    "Eddie has not advanced his technique is ages....look at Beckola, even in 2011 he has developed new ways of operating the guitar yet again. I am not saying Eddie is half the play Beck is..Eddie is not a melodic player really, but rather a licks ahoy guy. Eddie just advanced the Harvey Mandel stuff a bit and rinsed the blues feeling away.

    Tattoo sounds like a bonus extra fro a japanese reissue or something. I am not a VH listener but it was so ubiquitous back when it was popular so I have a sense of it."

    Then the OP replies:

    "Was never much of a fan myself.
    If they came on MTV or the radio, I would listen. Even crank it up depending on the song.
    It was standard fare at parties & in the high school parking lot.
    Had friends that loved them, but they were just OK to me.
    Don't own a single album by them.

    I think part of it was his guitar sound. Yeah, he had that "brown" sound (whatever the hell that's supposed to mean). But that's it, it really didn't change much from song to song, album to album. And the tapping didn't really impress me. Flash without substance, in some ways. Innovative when he started it, a crutch later on, IMO.

    The hit-or-miss live shows didn't help. Either Eddie was drunk, or Roth was retarded, etc."

    So, I have to ask: Do these people have so little to do in their lives that they hunt out things to bitch about by bands that they admittedly don't even like? I mean, I don't like Nickelback, but I don't spend my time on Nickelback fan forums insulting people and telling everyone how wrong they are for liking them or post childish, hateful things on file sharing sites about bands that I have no interest in. Seems pretty lame to me.

    Anyway, I stumbled across this thread in my search for new VH torrents and thought I'd share. Anyone who is a member over there can feel free to join in the discussion. I'm not interested in all the negative shit. I love the CD and I'm looking forward to the tour.

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    [Goose from Top Gun] "He was an abused child" [/Goose from Top Gun]

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    If it's not your taste, so what? But to be so dismissive seems silly. Even we fanboys can't agree when it gets down to individual songs. But to say Eddie doesn't play with feel? To say he's flash and no substance? That is the height of ignorance. And anyway, what's wrong with padding your 401k. Aren't we all trying to do that? If you like what you are doing or you can make some money at it, go for it.

    I don't LOVE Satch's music. But I would never stoop to dismissing him, cause that sumbitch can play, whatever your taste.


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    put that "review" in the reviews thread.



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