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    05.07.18 @ 02:46 PM
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    Default It's Been A Long Journey -

    I can't help but reflect back all the way to 2000/2001 when I first hopped on these boards.

    Over all these years one could set a watch to when the rumor mill would crank up, then die away.

    The "No News is Good News" mantra was enough to cause anyone to vomit.

    We would clamor for any scrap of VH news, such as a VH mention on a T.V. show would mean "Hey that must be an indicator of something brewing!!" To, "Local D.J. mentions secret recording sessions happening at 5150..."

    Damn - 14/15 years is a lot of famine - and now feast. I'm so stoked that Christmas has finally arrived, but alas, the presents are all open.

    It’s hard to see myself frequenting the boards as much any longer because what I've waited for so long has now happened! My usual morning addiction; checking the boards, seeing how many were logged on as an indicator of any new buzz, clicking a few different links then exiting seems, I don’t know… kind of pointless now.

    It's been great company on these boards fellas - perhaps maybe one day we'll run into each other. Oh, I’m sure I’ll check in every few months after the tour to see what’s next, if anything– but not with the baited breath of what 15 years of starvation brings.

    In a related sappy analogy – it feels like the ending of Oceans Eleven: There they are - gazing at the fountains of the Bellagio, basking in the glory of their dreams, enjoying the ecstasy of the moment while slowly, each one, alone, leaves the group and returns back to their life.

    Hopefully there will be more albums, but for me - I'm satisfied.

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    09.17.13 @ 09:36 AM
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    That's a great post, my friend. I feel the exact same way. It's a really amazing time for the fans and the band.


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    05.19.18 @ 09:56 PM
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    I got a touch of this as well. I've only been around these boards since 07, but been through all you mentioned. I remember when there would be days and days of no new posts in main. Just crazy to think about. But then again, that was when the band was sorting things out for themselves. It appears they did a very good job at that sorting .

    I got a little sad face when I thought to myself, well the days of us all getting excited over potential things are over. And we now have the album, so party is ending. But then I thought...wait, we have the tour and if the trend is any indication much more in the wings from the band to be released in terms of content online and on the shelves.

    The next thing I'm looking forward to is the tour, and currently what I "scour" the boards for. Any information regarding the tour coming up. For instance the show Wednesday at The Forum is my big thing. Can't wait for that.

    After that I'll be checking out all the youtube clips of the band in concert while waiting for the Seattle show.



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