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    01.08.17 @ 08:19 AM
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    I know i should have posted this in the bootleg section but i need to know this as soon as possible. I know that most of the videos of VH with Dave are kind of poor in quality. I still cant really find a good quality US fest video.

    My question is, do any clear good copies of the Largo 82 show exist? Im going out of town tommorrow and this store has alot of bootleg videos of concerts, and one is of VH Largo 82. I know even if there are good copies of it that doesnt mean mine will be, but i just need to know whether or not i should count on it being a crummy copy. How is the quality of you all's copies? Thanks for any replies

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    03.30.13 @ 08:28 AM
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    Mine sucks, but I've seen very good ones. I just wasn't lucky enough to get one.
    My US festival tape is great though.



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