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    05.26.18 @ 11:02 AM
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    Default Reduce the dependence on oil by ditching plastic

    Insist on glass instead and insist on recycling ALL the plastic you do buy

    A significant amount of fossil fuel is used to make plastics. Some studies have suggested as much as 10% of our fossil fuel usage goes to the manufacture of plastics! We are trying mightily to increase our gas mileage, but we THROW AWAY FOSSIL FUELS every day and it all just lays there no decomposing or littering our waterways and destroying our oceans??????????

    Plastic is a terrible use for fossil fuels

    There are some very very easy ways to pitch plastic too....and they all save you money as well

    Forget the plastic food storage bowls.....there are very nice glass bowls (yes with plastic lids but some have non plastic lids you just have to look) They last forever and never get that weird smell or discoloration....

    you know those big plastic bins that everyone loves for storage...I use a better alternative ...wax coated fish boxes! True I live not far from a bunch of commercial fisheries and new boxes are readily available to me at just $2.50 a pop, but they are strong, stackable and actually hold up longer than a lot of plastic! I have some that I have been using since 1990! You can find them online

    don't buy 16 oz sodas at convenience stores...take your own metal or glass beverage container with you and buy fountain drinks...more for the money anyway!

    take your own coffee cup with you and forgo all those plastic lids that take 100 years to degrade

    buy laundry soap in a box instead of a jug

    skip the ziplocs and plastic wrap.....use wax paper, aluminum foil or best yet, glass containers

    recyle recycle recycle ...compost compost reduces your need for trash bags

    buy metal garbage cans instead of plastic

    use paper lawn bags instead of trash bags

    when in a restaurant, skip the straw for your beverages.

    when getting take out, tell them to skip the plastic utensils that you take home and throw out anyway

    be conscientious about how the products you buy are packaged...
    buy milk in cartons instead of jugs, sauces in glass containers, buy coffee in tin cans ( which you can find 1001 re-uses for!) bar soap instead of liquid body wash

    you know those plastic produce bags? you don't need them..I just bought some of these

    buy a water carafe or pitcher for at don't need all those little plastic bottles

    better yet break your dependence on bottled water...alot of it just comes from municipal water sources anyway, and you pay an exhorbitant amount for it Kleen Kanteen and Sigg make great water bottles

    take your own bags to the grocery, and when you are at a convenience store or another place where you just get a few items and they automatically put them in a bag? tell them to keep the bag and carry your items your hands....

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    06.02.16 @ 08:13 AM
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    This should be easy for everybody to get use too.

    Na, I hear ya. I already recycle, but with the amount of groceries we buy, I don't see bringing my own bag.

    Gotta start somewhere I guess.



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