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Thread: The Shark

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    Default The Shark

    Hey guys really love Ed's old Ibanez that I believe was dubbed "The Shark". I know that it was played on "You Really Got Me" but do you guys know what other songs were recorded with it? I had read somewhere, years ago, that even though it's on the cover of WACF, he didn't actually play it on there. But, I figured if there were any group of people who would really know this stuff, it would be you guys!

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    the white ibanez destroyer (before it became the shark in 78) was used on VH1 on almost all the songs with no tremelo bridge work....running with the devil , on fire , you really got me , rythm track of jamies crying .

    he borrowed chris holme's (from WASP) red destroyer for some of the guitar tracks on WACF. the shark might have been on VH2 also as its in the studio with ed in the famous VH2 sessions pics.
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