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    12.31.69 @ 04:00 PM
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    I don't watch any of those so called "music channels" much. But my friends and I did catch some of the beginning of a Def Leppard Behind The Music that was shown yesterday. I was told it has been out for a while but I never seen it before.

    I sat there stunned as these guys where presented on the show as basically the band that made the 80's?!?!? They treat Def Leppard like if they are freakin' Led Zeppelin or something.
    VH-1 has a HUGE FREAKIN' BONER for Def Leppard! It's hilarious. Problem is the Leppard guys themselves are believing the hype. Joe Elliot, the lead singer, sat there all smug declaring that "Back in the early 80's no rock bands where pushing the envelope or innovating anything. We felt we good give rock a good kick in the ass." WHAT?!?!? Apparently Joe forgot Van Halen and others where kicking ass all over the fuckin place during that time and reinventing rock & guitar. Whata dick.
    The narrator of the show also claimed there was no rock on billboard or radio, stating that the early 80's was nothing more than new wave and punk while rock was basically dead? Is this some kind of generic bullshit they spew on every show or is this just Leppard exaggerating their importance? They even declared PYROMANIA(1983)as the album that set the blueprint for the 80's?
    Many bands, from Aerosmith to Kiss, are responsible for the 80's. But we all know the first 4 VH albums(78'-81') was a HUGE blueprint for many, including Leppard. And then the leppard boys where rambling about how bands copied THEIR sound? lol.... Oh brother.
    This is the band who spent their first 2 albums(80' & 81') sounding like a cheap AC/DC imitation. No surprise since their producer was high priced babysitter Mutt Lange, who was AC/DC's producer. Mutt shaped Leppard and co-wrote all their hits for them. Then by 83' the band had obviously taken a page from Van Halen. Their lead singer was doin the Diamond Dave leap off the drum riser! Man I was on the floor laughing but at the same time its very sad they have re-written history and lied to the public.

    Gee, maybe if Alex Van Halen had lost an arm VH-1 woulda made a movie about VH???
    Def Lep was nothing more than an o.k. band with some cool tunes. Europe's answer to VH. Nothing more and nothing innovative. I never dug their sound on record. VH got that huge sound playing LIVE in the studio, no overdubbs. Leppard did it by recording all parts seperate and doing like 150 takes of every damn part while Mutt Lange controlled and co-wrote everything. VH was far superior and much more innovative.

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    05.24.18 @ 12:05 AM
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    Really has nothing to do with VH dude, Moving to Music MP
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