Guys, please don't post links to sites where the songs can be downloaded illegally. This should be common sense.

People didn't realize the songs on one site could actually be downloaded, I don't want to say the site, but I think everyone knows what it is now. So I understand the misunderstanding there.

Streaming to listen to them is one thing (and even then it's probably not happening legally), but putting up sites that have plugins that allow the content to be downloaded for free is not OK, and won't be supported by us.

And yes if they're on YouTube, it's fine to link to them. Let YouTube police their own shit. And yes stuff can be downloaded on YouTube with a little fiddling, but I'm not going to stop people from linking YouTube videos on here.

Thanks for understanding. Let's not promote ripping off the band who this site is dedicated to. We don't want to have to ban people who keep doing it. So if you are doing it, please stop...thanks.

Oh and if you're unsure about a site, just ask one of the mods or admins.