And no this isn't some sales pitch to get your money. OK well sorta.

But seriously, I know a lot of people have a tough time with Main and having a discussion where they don't feel like they can be honest, because of the fear of backlash...and it's generally hard to sometimes follow discussions because they get so crazy.

May I suggest if you are feeling that way, but really want to continue being part of the site, that you become a Premium Member. It's not very expensive, and you can chat with much fewer people in the premium area, and have a real honest discussion on the band, or anything else really.

I find that if people pay money to a site, they are much more accountable for their actions, and they tend to be much nicer, and more open-minded. I think you'll find that.

Already I noticed there is a new VH thread in there about "Tattoo" that is one of the best discussions on it I've seen, and it's because there are less people for one thing, and the other is how respectful they are being to each other. It was great to see.

I've wanted to for years grow that part of the site and offer Premium people more than just silly board things, like avatars, uploading files etc., and with the band doing something, it makes sense to start that now.

So like I did with the membership drive thing and giving away some free stuff from the VH Store, I intend to do more of that, and as I can figure out other stuff I can do for people who pay to be here, I will add that as well.

So just a little FYI, I really noticed that thread this morning in there, and it really made me think about encouraging people who feel overwhelmed or frankly frustrated with the threads in Main to consider becoming a Premium Member if nothing else to join in a quieter discussion with others about the band.

Ok thanks! Oh and if you have any questions about joining it or anything, just PM me...or you can use the "Contact" at the top and email me.