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    Romeo Delight
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    05.17.15 @ 10:28 AM
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    Default Does new vh sell guitar strings like new years resolutions sells treadmills?

    Anyone out there work guitar retail and have any comment?

    I'm always fascinated what turns the wheel in consumer behavior and im sure theres lots of 30 year old guitars in basements buried with other forgotten treasures. Im curious if postcards from our youth - like a new vh album, inspire some people to dig them out. Seems like it would, but might not.

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    05.09.18 @ 01:14 PM
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    Just check ebay. You're beginning to see alot more EBMM/EVH guitars for sale, which is typically pretty scarce. You are also seeing more Charvel Art Series than normal.

    I think there's two reasons for this. First, there are people who have a number of these guitars in their collection that they bought as an investment, and now they see an opportunity to unload them at a higher profit with the potential for increased demand due to VH popularity with the new album.

    Second, there are people that have an older EVH guitar like a EBMM, a Peavey Wolf or a Charvel Art series that want to buy a new EVH Wolfgang, 5150 III amp, or both.

    As far as non-VH fan demand, I believe that will increase with the higher visibility of a new release from VH. There are alot of younger guys out there now who have no real connection with CVH with Dave, but their idols do. If you watch TMS, or Metal Evolution, or any other shows like that, you can see that there are alot of new metal guys out there giving props to CVH. This is where I think you'll see the younger guys getting the stuff. They will now have a direct connection with VH, and may consider getting the gear.

    I've got my EBMM/EVH, and I'm hanging onto it. Still the best playin, best sounding incarnation of an EVH guitar IMO.
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