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    Default Paterno Speaks !! Wash. Post Interview

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    Default RIP

    In light of all of the events taking place regarding Coach Paterno and the football program I haven't posted much regarding the incident. However, today was one of those days when I feel the need to pass on this story. I travel across the Hills, Mountains, Towns, Cities, Villages, and Boroughs of Pennsylvania. Today, I happened to be passing through Centre County to a meeting. This meeting was planned a week earlier and as we drove on Pa 322 East near State College you could view Beaver Stadium sitting on the hill surrounded by the farms and barns. My thoughts turned to Coach Paterno and my own time at the University. I had the opportunity to attend PSU in 1980-81. I transferred from a Community College to State College. A kid from a small Coal town in Northeast Pa. I was two of only twelve friends who went to college. I enjoyed my time there, attended class, did well and had dreams of a career in Law. That dream was derailed a bit on Jan 5, 1981 when I received a call from home informing me my dad had died of a heart attack. I was 20 years old and spent the next month, angry, numb and confused. The school was wonderful in dealing with my situation.

    During the Spring months of 1981 I had decided to transfer out and come home to attend school. Part of that had to do with taking care of my Mom who was having a difficult time dealing with my Dad's death. It was her one true love. I had to walk to the registrars office to begin the paperwork. As I was walking to the building I noticed someone else walking towards me. It was Coach Paterno walking to the practice facility which was near the Admin buildings. We both said " Hello" to each other aas we walked together. He then asked me my name, where I was from and how school was going. I informed him of what had happened. He provided his condolences to me and told me that continuing my education was important and to " Take Care of your Mother." I remember that Brooklyn accent coming through. We made some other small talk and we parted ways. About a month later we bumped into each other again on the same sidewalk. He remembered my name and asked how I was doing. He also reminded me again that I better take care of my Mom..... Fast forward to 2012, I'm married, have a good job, family and friends. Today I was reading an article written online on Pennlive. The article spoke of Coach Paterno during his last days fighting the fight, being positive and telling his children over and over to " Take Care of Your Mother". As I write this I am a bit teary eyed. I hope at some point justice is served and those responsible punished. I just wanted to provide one little bit of what this man was about..



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