I hope its ok to give myself a little plug here. If not, I appologize.

I've started a little side venture building a few guitars a month that I think you guys would dig. You'll see the obvious influences but what's not obvioius is the tone this thing has. I've done a ton of research on Ed's old electronics and there are some tricks he used that I'm putting on this model.

www.ymi5150.com and join the Facebook page too to get more updates.

The goal was to make a guitar that feels great (oil finish, Azusa body, etc.) and have the old Destroyer tone (same materials and components) at a price that actually is fair. The guitar is made of almost all USA components (Musikraft body and neck, TonePros bridge, etc.).

With the right setup it nails the non trem tunes from the first record, however, it can be dialed in to get old ACDC, and any other bridge pup classic rock tunes.

I love it and you guys should check it out. first come first serve basis, ~2-5 per month. EAch one will obviously be unique due to its grain and serial number. Check the site for pricing and availability, especially before buying any big box guitar. Its priced fairly. First 2 will be ready this weekend.